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Important note for 2020-2021: Due to the social distancing regulations, the format for our trips will be very different for the time being. We plan to still host a variety of fun and exciting trips however, so stay tuned!

Minibus day trips provide the perfect opportunity to escape the city and head out for a walk in an area that you may not otherwise have the chance to visit. At about £15, minibus day trips represent great value for money – often much cheaper than is possible by public transport.

Weekend Trips provide the opportunity to visit places further afield than is possible in a day trip, generally in National Parks, which contain Britain’s finest scenery. Most weekend trips leave on Friday afternoon and return late on Sunday in order to get two full day walks, and all for a very reasonable price.

If a weekend of walking is not enough for you, we occasionally run trekking trips out of term. These are multi-day trips following a long distance path, carrying our own kit and often camping the nights; undoubtedly a challenge, but also very rewarding! We are also planning on introducing long distance walking challenges, so stay tuned for these!

Before signing up, please remember to read Important Information About Minibus Day Trips  and have a look at the Equipment Needed and Participation Statement.

Michaelmas 2020 Trips

Due to social distancing regulations we are unable to host our usual minibus trips, however we have the following trips planned using public transport instead. Note: The crossed-out trips were cancelled/postponed due to various unforeseen circumstances. *A Group-of-Equals (GoE) trip is a trip where each participant considers themselves capable of carrying out the proposed walk, and is responsible for his/her own safety and conduct. We will also have a trip consisting of a series of walks covering the Oxfordshire way. We also have plans for several other trips taking place later this year, which we will be releasing sign-ups for this term also! These are the following:
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