Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with the relevant committee member (or the President if you don’t know who to contact) if you’ve got any other questions.

How can I get more involved with the club?

There are many ways you can get involved with the club:

Things you can do Contact for more details
Lead a local walk archivist@ouwc.org
Organise a minibus day or weekend trip trip.safety@ouwc.org
Drive during a minibus day or weekend trip secretary@ouwc.org
Lead or co-lead a minibus day or weekend trip trip.safety@ouwc.org
Join the club’s committee secretary@ouwc.org

Why do we have to sign up for trips at Free Tea?

Trips require advance planning and booking. This can be done only once enough people have registered their interest for the trip (else the club would expose itself to the risk of financial losses). This is why we organise an event (free tea) where people can decide which trip to join.

Why do we have to stay in groups with at least one leader during the trips?

We are required by the University to run trips in this way. See the Code of Practice and Trip Leader Safety Document for more information.

How are trip places allocated?

See here

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