OUWC now has some stash, sporting our new logo! Fleeces and t-shirts are available for sale, and both are pieces of good-quality sportswear so that you’ll be able to wear them when walking. The fleece is £18 and is a Regatta Thor III fleece (really good quality and will keep you warm).  The t-shirt is £10 and is a sports t-shirt. We will be taking orders until Sunday of 5th week (26th May), so fill in the form below if you’d like to make an order! forms.gle/iA1Gxp3fWBMhMJjw7

Welcome to Michaelmas 2019!

Welcome back, fellow walkers! This term we’ve got our usual weekly local walks, brand-new night social walks, and a ceidhli planned in addition to a range of minibus day and weekend trips. Click on the quick links below to find out more, and join our mailing list (under “About Us”) to keep up to date. Local and night walks require no prior sign-up or membership – just turn up at the time and place announced. To go on minibus trips, you’ll need to enter into the ballot which will open soon. Don’t forget to come to Free Cake at Worcester College on Wednesday 16th October to find out more!