COVID19 & Club support – Spring Vac 2020

This page was created during the height of the lockdown around March 2020. Since then social distancing measures have been lifted (for now) and the club has resumed running trips and walks, so the contents of this page no longer relevant. Update (24/03/20): Following the new guidance from the government, we have decided to remove the suggested routes from this page. While restrictions on local walking have not been put in place so far, unfortunately it is no longer something that we can actively encourage as a club. We will still like to continue to reach out to anyone struggling amidst this pandemic; we hope to continue online socials and will be more than happy to help out with anyone self-isolating. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any of these things. Update (22/03/20): Following the closure of National Trust parks, walking outside now falls in a slightly grey area. Please be reminded to exercise common sense when going outside; avoid busy trails and don’t go in groups. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the club unfortunately will be suspending our usual local walks and club trips for the time being. As of Friday 20th, the current governmental advice is that solo walking is fine however, so below are several suggested routes around Oxford. Please be aware that the situation is developing, so keep an eye on the current advice before setting out for walks. In particular follow the advice from
  • The Government and the NHS
  • The University
  • The British Mountaineering Council
  • Club Support and Virtual Socials In hope to keep connected through the troubling times, Izzy is setting up several ways to keep connected and to offer support.
    • Virtual coffee socials – The first will happen on 11AM Monday 23rd March,
    • If anyone self-isolating or is in an at risk group, please feel free to reach out to us for help! Many of us will be staying in Oxford over the next few weeks, and we can help with food collection and other tasks.
    • Whatsapp group – we’ve also opened a WhatsApp group for just general chat, which everyone is free to join.
    Please contact to get involved in any of these.

    Welcome to Hilary 2020!

    Welcome back, fellow walkers! This term we’ve got more local walks than ever, in addition to exciting minibus trips and training courses. Click on the quick links below to find out more, and join our mailing list (under “About Us”) to keep up to date. Local walks require no prior sign-up or membership – just turn up at the time and place announced. To go on minibus trips, you’ll need to sign-up via a form which will open soon. Don’t forget to come to Free Cake at St. Edmund Hall on Thursday 17th January at 7:30PM to find out more!


    OUWC now has some stash, sporting our new logo! Fleeces and t-shirts are available for sale, and both are pieces of good-quality sportswear so that you’ll be able to wear them when walking. The fleece is £18 and is a Regatta Thor III fleece (really good quality and will keep you warm).  The t-shirt is £10 and is a sports t-shirt. We will be taking orders until Sunday of 5th week (26th May), so fill in the form below if you’d like to make an order!