Here is the current Walking Club committee. Beneath each description you will find a link to that position’s Terms of Reference – a detailed description of the responsibilities involved.

If you would like to stand for Committee, or if you would like to know more about what’s involved, please contact


Isabel Creed

I am a Chemistry Dphil student at Teddy Hall. I enjoy short distance more casual walks, trekking trips and long distance walking such as walking 100km continuous.


The president is in charge of the Club, and is responsible for planning the term’s activities, overseeing any issues that arise, and chairing meetings.

President’s Terms of Reference


Chris Irving

I got hooked into walking during my first year here, where I learned about the abundance of footpaths covering the UK which are meticulously recorded in the OS maps. Since then I’ve spent most of my weekends exploring the bits of nearby countryside through local walks, following the green lines on my maps.


The secretary takes minutes at committee meetings, oversees the minibus bookings, and is responsible for the Club’s administration. Please contact the secretary if you would like to stand for committee or drive a minibus for a trip.

Secretary’s Terms of Reference


Otto Barrow


Treasurer’s Terms of Reference (From 2008 – please contact the Treasurer for the current copy)


Trip and Safety Co-ordinator

Holly Woodhead

Always an advocate of a good walk, Holly has recently been described as a ‘DofE fiend’ by her college newspaper. When this second year theologian isn’t reading the Bible, she’s probably hiking. She’s a particular fan of the Irish countryside, especially the Derryveagh mountains, or anything coastal.


The Trip and Safety Co-ordinator’s job is to co-ordinate the running of Club Trips: queries should be addressed either to the Trip and Safety Coordinator or the Trip Organiser. The Trip and Safety Co-oordinator also oversees safety issues such as the Trip Leader Safety Document and the Risk Assessments. Contact the Trip and Safety Coordinator if you would like to organise or lead a trip.

Trip and Safety Co-ordinator’s Terms of Reference

Alumni Secretary

Harsha Wilkinson


I love walking and hiking. Nature heals and revitalises my mind and soul. Regardless of the distance I walk, I find beauty, adventure, and a sense of serenity everywhere – a birdsong serenades me, a flowing brook soothes me, flower meadows and wide-open skies remind me of how joyous our world is, and a mountain turns my fear into the excitement of conquest.

Through the walking club, I want to share my joyful experiences with others who come to Oxford. As an alumna of the university who also lives in Oxford, I am so honoured to be included in the team as the alumni secretary. I am a great believer in the lifelong connection between alumni and their educational institutions which shaped their lives and helped them make unforgettable memories.

I obtained an MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention in 2004, and I work as an Independent researcher. My main research focus is on the education and social mobility of disadvantaged children and young people.

The Alumni secretary runs our Alumni scheme, keeping in touch with former club members.

Alumni Secretary’s Terms of Reference


Isabel Creed


The archivist co-ordinates the term’s local walks and at the end of the term, plans next term’s local walks. The archivist is also in charge of the Club’s large collection of maps and guidebooks. Contact the archivist if you would like to borrow any of these or if you would like to lead a local walk.

Archivist’s Terms of Reference

Membership Secretary

Daniel Villar


Contact the Membership Secretary if you would like to join the Club, or if your membership needs renewing.

Membership Secretary’s Terms of Reference



Mike Hinge

While Mike’s currently trying to rock the Clark Kent look, he ended up looking more like Velma. Mike is a sugar economist, which he assures us is a real thing with business cards and everything. He also enjoys long walks in the countryside, obviously.


The quartermasters are in charge of the club’s equipment, preparing equipment for club trips and loaning equipment to members.

Quartermaster’s Terms of Reference

Second Quartermaster

Jelena Sucevic


The quartermasters are in charge of the club’s equipment, preparing equipment for club trips and loaning equipment to members.

Quartermaster’s Terms of Reference

Social Secretary

Bertie Ansell

Most of my formative years were spent escaping to wild spaces in an attempt to get some hills in my Norfolk legs. I have a particular soft spot for the Preseli hills and the north coast of Scotland. When not walking I can also be found open water swimming, baking or gardening. I’m studying for a DPhil in Structural Biology.


The social reps organise and co-ordinate the club’s programme of social events.

Social Secretary’s Terms of Reference

Training officer

Maria Kostylew


The Training Officer’s job is to co-ordinate the leader training programme and the First Aid training programme.

Training Officer’s Terms of Reference

IT Officer

Chris Irving


Chris Irving

The webmaster is in charge of the design and content of this website. Contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions about the website or to report any broken lins or pages. The IT Officer is in charge of liaising with the University and OUCS about all aspects of the Club’s IT activities that are regulated by the University, including the Club’s Mailing Lists. Contact the IT officer if you’re having trouble with the mailing lists
E-mail: E-mail:
Webmaster’s Terms of Reference IT Officer’s Terms of Reference
The IT Officer is a separately elected committee post. This would often be the same person as the Webmaster, but must be a current University member to comply with OUCS rules.

Ex-Officio Ex-President

George Buckley

I am a undergraduate biologist, but I’m happiest when I’m walking or trekking in Britain’s mountains, particularly the Lake District. I look forward to meeting loads of new fellow walkers on future club trips.


Senior Member

Jaya John John, Physics

Inspired by the beauty and variety of the UK’s mountain and coastal scenery, Jaya John is keen on hillwalking and outdoor photography. Like a few others on committee, he particularly looks forward to the immersion of days and nights in the mountains on longer backpacking trips.


Jaya John is the Club’s elected Senior Member.

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