Making payments to the club

Effectively HT 2020, the club uses SuperSaas as sign up system for minibus trips and courses – local walks don’t require sign ups.

After the free cake event of each term, the mailout will include information on when the sign ups are opened. Sign ups are on a first-come-first-serve basis and a waiting list is maintained.

At the end of the sign up process, you can pay immediately using your debit or credit card. If you prefer paying by bank transfer, please do so within 24h after you received an email from SuperSaas with payment details. If you fail to do so, you might be removed from the trip and your place offered to someone on the waiting list.

If you would like any existing club credit to be allocated or just pay for membership without booking a trip, get in touch with the treasurer. The treasurer will send you an invoice through the accounting system. This email will be sent by Xero ( on our behalf. If you have a question please reply directly to your invoice, which will be sent to

Our preferred method of payment is by debit/credit card or bank transfer. Our bank details (including IBAN and SWIFT details) are provided on the invoices that we send you. If you are paying by bank transfer from an account outside the UK, you must cover any fees (bank fees and currency exchange fees) yourself. Several online services, such as, exist that can be cheaper than traditional international bank transfers.

When you pay, please use the reference number stated in your email. Please do not put any other information in the reference, as only a limited number of characters are transmitted between banks, and this may displace the invoice number.

Once we receive your payment we will email you a receipt. We also have automatic reminder emails if we haven’t recorded a payment from you. If you receive two of these emails after having paid (sorry!) please reply to the reminder email and let us know when you paid and the reference that you used.

We also accept payments by cash. To arrange this please email the Treasurer ( to arrange to meet to make the payment. You will be offered a receipt when you pay by cash.


OUWC Reimbursement Request Form 


You are entitled to a refund on your membership fees if you do not take part in any club activities that require membership in the term that you purchased it. You must email your receipts and the OUWC Reimbursement Request form (above) to the Treasurer ( saying that you wish to be refunded before the end of Full Term (23:59 Saturday of 8th week). This is because we pay the BMC a portion of your membership fee to ensure you are retroactively insured on club trips. We pay this shortly after the end of Full Term.

Trips and courses

You are entitled to a refund on trips and courses that are cancelled by the club. This refund should be applied automatically (see below). If it is not, please email the OUWC Reimbursement Request form (above) and your receipts to the Treasurer (

If you drop out of a trip or course that you have paid for, you are only entitled to a refund if another person takes your place.

When a refund is due to a member, it will be added as credit to their account with the club. This credit should be automatically applied to your next invoice (if it isn’t please let us know so we can fix it!) If you would like to be paid immediately please email to arrange this.

If you have credit with the club you will be sent periodic reminder emails to the email address we have on record. Credit with the club will be treated as a donation after 1 year from the date the credit was issued. you will be sent a reminder 1 week before this to remind you to claim it.

Note on communication

Please send all emails regarding club finances to This allows us to keep all correspondence in one place and helps during handovers between treasurers. Replies may be sent from, as this is the email account that receives emails from

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