Long Walks Michaelmas 2019

This term we are introducing some longer walks, which will take place alongside the usual weekend local walks. These are run in the same was as the local ones – you can just turn up when you like! They will generally be a fair bit longer compared to the usual local walks, but the first few will be quite accessible. The below schedule is tentative, and may be subject to change. More details for each walk will be added at a later date. In the latter half of term we will be covering the Ridgeway National Trail in four parts. This 140km long-distance path has been used by prehistoric travelers, and is also known as “Britain’s oldest road.” Starting near the World Heritage site Avebury, the path travels through the North Wessex Downs and the Chiltern Hills, passing through many historic sites and promising beautiful views along the way. More Information In addition to the usual advice for local walks (ouwc.org/local-walks/more-information/), for the longer days we suggest you bring along the following extra items – be careful not to overpack though! After a couple of hours any excess weight will become rather noticeable.
  • Extra food and water – How much more you need will vary from person to person, but generally bring a couple of extra fruits and snacks, or possibly an extra sandwich. However there’s no need to pack for dinner; if we are running late we will stop somewhere on the way back.
  • A torch / headlamp – as the days grow shorter we will likely end up walking past sunset, so having a light source becomes essential. We will be able to lend a few from the club, but please contact the leader beforehand (latest by the Wednesday before) if you would like to borrow one.
  • Blister plasters – when walking long distances the likelihood of developing blisters is much higher, especially if you are covering the distance for the first time. Having prevention and treatment methods for blisters is recommended for this reason – you can pick up plasters from a local pharmacy, or purchase them online.
Generally we will try to return before it’s too late, but due to limitations of public transport this may not always be possible. The return times are approximate, and if we are running very late we may stop for dinner along the way.