Freshers’ Long Distance Walk

Saturday 12th October

On Saturday we will be holding our first long distance walk of the term from Wallingford to Oxford. We will be getting the 9:32 bus from Oxford to Wallingford and heading along the Thames path back to Oxford 23 miles with an option of leaving at Abingdon 14 miles. This is great first experience to long distance walking as the terrain will be relatively easy. Great for those considering coming on our Ridgeway set of long distance walks this term, but attendance not essential for coming on this later.

Please meet at 9:15 at E3 bus stop Westgate to get the bus to Wallingford, and bring lunch, 2 litres of water and a few snacks. Waterproofs and walking boots/shoes are advised.

Meet: Westgate E3 Bus Stop
Time: 9:15
Return: Approx 7PM
Distance: 23 miles (37km) with 14mi (23km) option
Cost: Approx £4 (+£3 if returning from Abingdon)
Lunch: Packed
Leader: Isabel Creed (isabel.creed“at”

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