Ridgeway Part I – Stone Circles

Saturday 9th November

This Saturday will be the first of the Ridgeway walks, starting with a walk through the Marlborough Downs. We will begin in the historic town Avebury which is the home of several Neolithic monuments, from which we will walk to and begin covering the Ridgeway trail. Along the way we will pass by many other historical sites, such as the Iron age fort Barbury castle and the (not so historic) Hackpen White Horse. There will be an option to return early at Ogbourne St. George (18km), instead of doing the full route to Foxhill (30km).

Please note this walk may be muddy in places, so walking boots/shoes are strongly advised. Additionally if you wish to return early at Ogbourne St. George, you will be responsible for walking 10-15 minutes to the bus stop and getting back to Oxford on your own, as the trail does not go through the village (you can consult Google Maps for this, and further directions will be provided on the day).

Meet: Oxford Railway Station
Time: 07:25 for the 07:42 train to Reading
Return: Approx 8PM for full route, approx 6PM for shorter option
Distance: 30km for full route, 18km for shorter option
Cost: Approx £14 with railcard/groupsave (see travel details below)
Lunch: Packed
Leader: Chris Irving (christopher.irving“at”keble.ox.ac.uk)

Additional travel information

  • Train to Swindon: take the 07:42 train to Reading (Platform 3), then the 08:12 train to Swindon (Platform 9) (off peak return is £7.85 with railcard/groupsave)
  • Bus to Avebury: take the 49 bus at 09:05, from the Swindon Bus Station (Stop 6) to the Red Lion (costs £3)
  • Return bus from Ogbourne St. George: take either the X5 bus from Southend, or the 80 bus from Liddiards Green (consult GMaps or online timetables depending on arrival time) (approx £3)
  • Return bus from Foxhill: take the 48 bus from Shepherds Rest (approx £2.50)

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