Termly General Meeting (TGM)

Date: Tuesday of Week 8 (5th March)
Time: 7pm
Venue: G&Ds St. Aldates (map)

At the TGM we will have a formal review of the Club’s activities over the past term, including a financial account, and will discuss any motions put forward. In addition, there will be elections to the Committee for next term. If that doesn’t excite you enough we will be giving out a FREE scoop of G&D’s famous ice cream for everyone who turns up!

We are currently looking to fill the positions of Social Secretary, Alumni Secretary, Training Officer. Please do come along! It’s not just a meeting for committee members and is your chance to hear what the Club has been up to and how we can do better in the future.

Elections to committee

The most important business of the TGM is to elect a new committee for next term. Please consider standing for a place on the committee – being on committee is great fun, looks good on your CV, doesn’t take up too much time and gives you the opportunity to change the club to be what you want it to be. AND we’ll even give you ANOTHER scoop of ice cream if you stand for committee. See below for details of the positions available and how to stand.

The Committee page of our website gives terms of reference for each committee postion and gives you the current committee member if you’d like more information about each role.

The executive committee comprises the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Trip & Safety Coordinator. To stand for one of these positions, you should have either served at least one term on committee or fulfilled the position of Trip Organiser or Trip Leader on a Club trip. (For president you need to have served a term on executive committee.) Nominations for these positions should be received by the Secretary ( one week before the TGM (i.e. Wednesday 7th week), along with a proposer and seconder (who must be members of the club).

The non-executive committee comprises the positions of Alumni Secretary, Archivist, Membership Secretary, Quartermaster, Social Secretary and Webmaster. If you would like to stand for one of these positions, please contact the Secretary ( 24 hours before the start of the TGM (i.e. Tuesday 8th week). The committee also appoints an IT Officer, so please let the secretary know if you are interested in this position.


If you have any other motions for the TGM to discuss and vote on, please send these in writing to the Secretary ( one week before the TGM (i.e. Wednesday 7th week). All motions for consideration must be proposed by at least three members of the club.

(Please note that although the Week 6 email referred to changes to the constitution, motions can be submitted on any relevant issue, not limited to the club’s constitution. Any new constitutional changes passed would have to be ratified next term; other decisions taken by the meeting are effective immediately.)


  • Agenda for HT19 TGM: Will be published closer to the date of the TGM
  • Minutes and other documents from previous TGM – see documents page.

Contact the Secretary ( if you’ve got any questions about the TGM or standing for committee.

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