Hilary Term 2016’s Local Walks

Boars Hill: 17 January (end 0th week) Cookham to Maidenhead: 23 January (end 1st week) From Mr Toad to Mr Poirot: 30 January (end 2nd week) Cholsey to Goring via Wallingford [CANCELLED]: 6 February (end 3rd week) Replacement local walk on Sunday: 7 February (end 3rd week) A Valentine’s Walk to Rollright Stones: 14 February (end 4th week) The Kingham Circular: 20th February (end 5th week) Once More to Moreton: 27 February (end 6th week) Oxford trot: 6 March (end 7th week) Northern Cotswolds: 9 April (out of term)

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