Wytham Woods and Farmoor Reservoir

Date: Sunday 6th November

Going via Port Meadow, Oxford’s oldest grazing common, and the medieval Wytham village, this walk will take you to Wytham Woods, a conservation and research area of Oxford University, which boasts a great wildlife variety and has pretty views of Oxford. We will then climb down on the other side to walk around Farmoor Reservoir, and walk back to Oxford passing the ancient village of North Hinksey.

Meet: Trinity College Gates, Broad Street
Time: 9am
Return: Approx. 5pm
Distance: Approx. 15km (9 to 10 miles)
Cost: None
Lunch: Participants need to take their own packed lunch
Leader: Pankaj Pansari (pankaj.pansari@stcatz.ox.ac.uk)

Charlbury to Blenheim Palace

Date: Sunday 30th October

Starting in Charlbury, this walk passes through several beautiful villages, before finally finishing at Blenheim Palace. Once we reach Blenheim, people will have the option to go straight back to Oxford. Alternatively, people can stay at Blenheim, and explore the stunning palace grounds if they want to. You can catch the S3 bus back to Oxford from either the main palace gates or from Woodstock town centre.

Meet: Oxford Railway Station
Time: 9am (train departs at 9.19am)
Return: Approx. 18.00
Distance: Approx. 16km (10 miles). This does not include any optional walks around Blenheim Palace at the end.
Cost: Approx. £10 in total for (1) single train ticket to Charlbury and (2) a single bus ticket to Oxford from Blenheim/Woodstock. Will be cheaper if people have student railcards or buy group rail tickets.
Lunch: Participants need to take their own packed lunch
Leader:  Al (aldapa@gmail.com)