Local accessible Walk: Exploring River Kenneth

Join us for a gentle walk along River Kenneth. We will start shortly before the mouth right in the center of Reading and then walk up towards Thale and Aldermaston Wharf. While this walk offers beautiful scenery such as the Fobney Island Wetland Nature Reserve, we will also frequently encounter large industrial estates.
The first 3 km of this walk are fully wheelchair accessible, with a possibility to return form a nearby bus stop to Reading station. The path then becomes a gravel road with frequent obstacles to keep large vehicles away, which might make advancing in a wheelchair more difficult.
Two persons trained as sighted guides will be joining this walk.
Date: Saturday, April 13
Meet: 9:45 for the 10:00 Oxford to Reading service at Oxford Station
Costs: 7.60 GBP for an off-peak return to Aldermaston with a Railcard
Length: About 16 km
Lunch: Please bring packed lunch
Please don’t forget to bring sturdy walking boots as well as rain protection, it might be muddy.
Leader: Paul Fremdling (archivist[at]ouwc.org)

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