Varsity march

Dates: Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th June (end 8th week)

The Varsity March is an annual 81 mile (131 km) sponsored walk from Oxford to Cambridge, organised by Cambridge University Walking Club and also involving members of Oxford University Walking club. Completing the walk will take the whole weekend.

IMPORTANT: The Cambridge walkers will be setting the pace for this walk and it is expected that everybody will be able to keep up with them. For people intending to go as far as Aylesbury, the distance (23 miles) is further than anything we have done on our own local walks, which generally don’t go beyond 15 miles/24 km. If you have struggled with our local walks, then this walk definitely isn’t suitable for you.

More information can be found here:

Fundraising information can be found here :

If you would like to go further than Aylesbury, kindly sign up by contacting Stephanie Smith at

Meet: University Church of St. Mary’s, Oxford
Time: 11am, Saturday 18th June
Return: TBC
Distance: 131 km, with option to cut short at Aylesbury (37km)
Cost: From Aylesbury, £7; from Cambridge £13
Meals: If only going as far as Aylesbury, then you only need to take a packed lunch. If going further, contact Stephanie for details.

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