A Valentine’s Walk to Rollright Stones

Date: 14th February (end 4th week)

This walk in Eastern Cotswolds will see us walking from Chipping Norton to the Rollright Stones, a rare Neolithic site not overrun by tourists (www.rollrightstones.co.uk/). Available to singles, non-singles and couples alike!

Meet: Gloucester Green Station, Bay 8 (to take the S3 bus)
Time: 9.45 am (for 9.55 departure)
Return: By 6.30 pm
Distance: 18 km
Fare: £8 for bus fare (we might get a group discount, so this is the maximum amount)
Lunch: Packed
Leader: Barbara Havelková (Barbara.havelkova@law.ox.ac.uk)
Grid ref:

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