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Local Walks

All walks either start in Oxford or use public transport to get to the starting point, so there is no need to book your place in advance - just turn up.

Everyone is very welcome, and you do not need to be a member of the club to come on local walks (although there are other benefits to being a member).

Please read some important information about local walks.

This term's walks will be updated in due course. Details are subject to change, so keep an eye on the website and emails for updates.

's Local Walks:

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Please email for further information about the local walks.

Leaders always wanted

Several of the local walks are needing leaders and will only go ahead if leaders are found, so please consider volunteering!

If you are interested in leading a walk next term, or one that's without a leader this term, please contact the Archivist (). We only require that you have been on a local walk or club trip in the past.

You are free to plan your own route, but the club is also happy to plan one for you to lead. This inclues the walks for this term: the Archivist can provide leaders with detailed route plans for the walks listed, but also prospective leaders are welcome to suggest walks other than the ones listed, so any walk currently without a leader should be treated as a provisional destination only.

More Information: