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Welcome (Trinity 2007)

Oxford University Walking Club welcomes you to Trinity Term 2007.

Hello! Yep it's still me, hogging the President spot, but for the last time this term as I will soon be leaving Oxford (sniff). Anyway, I welcome you all back for summer sun, punting, and of course, walks! As usual there is plenty on offer...

There are local walks on every weekend if you fancy a nice stroll and a bit of a break from revision. Revitalise that tired mind with fresh air and a bit of exercise. See here for the whole selection.

If you don't have exams, or feel that revising is cheating, or maybe are getting cabin fever from being cooped up with your books, why not shoot off for the whole weekend? You can head up to the heights of the Lakes or the Howgill Fells to get some peaks in , or go west to the Pembrokeshire coast or the wonderfull Snowdonia. Full details are here.

Or perhaps a whole weekend will incur too much of a guilt trip. In which case, sneak off for just the day! Wander in the Wye Valley in 4th week or bimble in the Brecons in 6th week. See here for full info.

And no term would be complete without the socials. See here for some great ways to chill out, and make the most of the summer! All aimed at relaxation and pleasure.

And no welcome page would be complete without the usual plug for more people to get involved. leading, driving, whatever! I don't want to be a bore but I will keep going on about it until people get involved :-) (or, realistically, until I finish my degree in a few scarily short months time - eek!) And remember on trips to not follow your leader like a sheep but to be active, help plan/navigate/cook/clean - it makes like much easier for our volunteer leaders and makes the trips much more satisfying for you, so all in all a good idea.

As usual, any problems, questions etc can be directed to me. Though think first if you can get a quicker answer from someone else on the committee - there's a list of contacts on committee page. Their roles are pretty self-explanatory and there is a list of what they do. They are all wonderful people, don't bit (often) and would very much like to hear from you.

Anyway - enough of me rambling on (no pun intended)! Get out there and enjoy the sun and the long hours of daylight! See y'all soon.

Have a fantastic term and good luck with those e-things if you have them.

Ciao for now,

OUWC President TT07