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Welcome (Michaelmas 2013)

Welcome to Michaelmas 2013 and a start of the new academic year! We have some exciting weekend trips and minibus day trips planned for this term, as well as a range of local walks. They can all be found online on the website. We also have our annual ceilidh (Scottish dancing event) later this term, which is a occasion not to be missed!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Fresher's Walk along Port Meadow, exploring the wilder side of Oxford and hopefully some nice ruins and churches, with a long mid-way stop at a lovely riverside pub. Put it in your calendars - the afternoon of Sunday of 1st week, 13 October – meeting at 2pm at trinity Gates, Broad St.

I also hope to see most of you at our sign-up event – Free Tea on Wednesday of 1st week (16 October), usually at 5:30 pm – but more information about location and time to be online soon once it's all confirmed. Free Tea is our termly sign up event, where in addition to signing up to trips, socials and membership you have a chance to talk to the trip organizers to find out all the details about the various events, socialize, eat biscuits and drink tea. Often Free Tea is followed by a pub visit. But don't be afraid, if you're busy you can sign up online, just make sure to do so by Friday of 1st week (18 October).

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone – old and new – to really get involved with the Club this term. If you are interested in the minibus trips, get involved in helping out on one, and consider organising one next term. You don't need to be able to lead or drive, just have an idea for a location and time. We often team new leaders with more experienced members of the Club to ensure the organisation goes smoothly. If you're over 21 and able to drive, consider taking the minibus test! Both these activities can earn you a free spot on trips. And last but not least, think of joining the Committee (we're still looking for a Social Sec, everyone!).

Having said all that, the Club is mostly about the love of outdoor pursuits and connecting like-minded people. If you feel like going for a walk, or want to organise a further away trip but lack company, you can use our Facebook page, the walking-general mailing list or the private trips page on this website to find people interested in joining you. Also remember, you can borrow equipment from the Club free of charge – contact me or the Quartermaster to arrange that

Marta Sarzynska OUWC President, MT13