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Allocation of Trip Places

At the beginning of 2nd Week, a Trip Ballot Meeting takes place. The aim of the meeting is to allocate places on Weekend Trips and Minibus Day Trips in a fair and impartial manner.

Places are allocated according to the following procedure, starting with the least subscribed trip.

For each Trip (and independently for Weekend and Minibus Day trips):

  1. Only people that have paid are counted as having signed up for a trip.
  2. The name of each person is checked against the membership list. Anybody who is not a club member is removed from the list of any over-subscribed trip (and will only be granted a provisional place on an under-subscribed trip).
  3. Priority is given in the following order:
    1. The Trip Organiser and Trip Leaders for that trip
    2. Minibus Drivers and their 'partners', Trip Organiser's 'partner' and Trip Leaders' 'partners' (one per person only)
    3. Members on the Priority List from last term (for one trip only)
    4. Trip Leaders of other trips that term (for one trip only)
    5. Other members
  4. If the trip is still oversubscribed then a fair, open and independent ballot is held to decide which people are to participate. Note that any 'pairs' (such as couples, friends or people who have paid together) each get entered into the ballot individually. If they have said that they only wish to go if they can go together, then if one loses a place then they both do.

If there are members who paid for a Weekend Trip but failed to be allocated a place on any Weekend Trip then they will automatically be placed on the Priority List, and similarly for Minibus Day Trips. Trip leaders will return their payments.

A member is placed on the Priority List for the following term only - after that they are removed from the Priority List unless they fail to get on a trip again.