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Marlborough Downs

Saturday 13th March (end 8th week)

There are still places available on this trip
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Just to the south of the Marlborough Downs sits Avebury stone circle, one of the largest in Europe, within a remarkable prehistoric landscape. We are hoping to take in as many of the archaeological sites as possible – before heading up onto the Downs and admiring the views and the source of the standing stones. So, prepare to enter burial chambers, marvel at a man-made mound reaching 40m in height, hug a stone or thirty and stretch your legs to blow away 4000 years of accumulated cobwebs!

Grid ref: SU102699
Organiser:Jaya John John (j.john1(a)physics.ox.ac.uk)
Leaders:Alan Iwi, Jamie Banks
Departure Time:8am sharp
Return to Oxford:Late on Saturday evening

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