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Welcome (Hilary 2008)

Hi everyone - I hope you all had a good vacation and are ready to walk off some of that xmas weight! This term is a little extra special as the club will be celebrating its 45th birthday.

As usual, there will be local walks every Saturday and Sunday during term - it looks like Melissa has drawn up a really good programme that will get you out and about all over Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. Don't forget that non-members are welcome on these, so bring your friends along too. Full details can be found on the local walks pages.

This term there will be weekend trips to the ever popular Lake District and Snowdonia. Christopher, Barney, Andrew and Dave will be heading up the mountains for some great views, so make sure that you have well-worn in walking boots for these and lots of warm clothes! There are also trips to the charming Peak District and (hopefully) the Cambrian Mountains.

Due to popular demand there will be an extra minibus day trip this term. First off, Zing will be making a repeat trip to the Brecon Beacons before Melissa heads to the Sussex Coast and finally to the Dorset Coast at the end of term. We have had to raise the price of these trips (for the first time in three years) as we can only use smaller minibuses this term. If there is any money left over from the trips, it will be put towards paying for leaders' training.

As always, these trips cannot go ahead without sterling support from our leaders. If you think you might want to lead for the club please see the leaders page for more details of the different courses available. They don't actually cost that much compared to how much you might spend for a few days' holiday somewhere, and are a holiday in themselves. Recently, the Sports Fed has provided a generous subsidy in addition to the one the club gives which has brought the cost down further - hopefully this will continue. As well as then enabling you to choose the areas that you would like to explore with the club, you have some fun and gain useful experience from going on the course, as well as developing some of those 'transferable skills' that careers advisers and employers are always going on about!

In addition to the annual dinner (Saturday 1st March - end of 7th week), there are some other socials this term. As well as wine tasting and a trip to the bowling alley, we will be having some simpler evenings that just involve meeting in the Royal Oak pub on Woodstock Road. See the socials page for more details on all of these.

If you have any questions or comments about the club, please come and have a word with me at one of the socials or send me an e-mail (president[at]ouwc.org).

OUWC President Hilary 2008

Jonathan Leithead
OUWC President HT08