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The Walking Club committee currently comprises 12 members. Beneath each description you will find a link to that position's Terms of Reference - a detailed description of the responsbilities involved.

If you would like to stand for Committee, or if you would like to know more about what's involved, please contact secretary_at_ouwc.org.

OUWC committee, Trinity 2007



Jonathan Leithead
Jesus College
4th year Classics
E-mail: president_at_ouwc.org

The president is in charge of the Club. S/He plans the term's activities, oversees any issues that arise and chairs the meetings.

President's Terms of Reference



Chelsea Purvis
Merton College
MPhil Economic and Social History

E-mail: secretary_at_ouwc.org

The secretary takes minutes at committee meetings, makes the minibus bookings, and is responsible for the Club's administration. Please contact her if you would like to stand for committee or drive a mini-bus for a trip in Trinity Term 2007.

Secretary's Terms of Reference



Helen Jenks
4th year medic
Green college

E-mail: treasurer_at_ouwc.org

The treasurer is in charge of the Club's finances, so if you think the club owes you some money, the treasurer is the person to contact.

Treasurer's Terms of Reference


Trip and Safety Co-ordinator

David Keiller
2nd year Physics
Keble college
E-mail: trip.safety_at_ouwc.org

One aspect of the Trip and Safety Co-ordinator's job is to co-ordinate the running of Club Trips: queries should be addressed either to the Trip and Safety Coordinator or the Trip Leader. The other aspect is to co-ordinate the leader-training programme, the First Aid-training programme and overseeing safety issues such as the Trip Leader Safety Document and the Risk Assessment. Contact the Trip and Safety Coordinator if you would like to lead a trip.

Trip and Safety Co-ordinator's Terms of Reference


Alumni Secretary

Laura Bernstone
2nd year DPhil student studying Pathology
E-mail: alumni_at_ouwc.org

The Alumni secretary is masterminding our up-and-coming Alumni scheme. This position was made permanent by a constitution change at the TGM in Hilary term 2006.

Alumni Secretary's Terms of Reference



Evelyn Davies
E-mail: archivist_at_ouwc.org

The archivist is in charge of the Club's large collection of maps and guide books, as well as map cases and compasses. Contact the archivist if you would like to borrow any of these or if you would like to lead a local walk.

Archivist's Terms of Reference


Membership Secretary

Michelle Barton
St Edmund Hall
3rd year Biochemistry
E-mail: membership_at_ouwc.org

Contact the Membership Secretary if you would like to join the Club, or if your membership needs renewing.

Membership Secretary's Terms of Reference



Melissa Ch'ng
Physiological Sciences
Corpus Christi College
E-mail: quartermaster_at_ouwc.org

Contact the quartermaster to order a Club t-shirt, poster or mug or to borrow any Club equipment.

Quartermaster's Terms of Reference

Photo Photo

Social Representative

Chloe Jiang
Mansfield College

(deputy) Debra Quek
2nd year biochemist
Wadham College
E-mail: social_at_ouwc.org

The social rep. organises and co-ordinates the programme of social events.

Social Rep's Terms of Reference


Webmaster and IT officer

Nicolas Delerue
Physics Department
Lecturer in Physics
E-mail: webmaster_at_ouwc.org

The webmaster is in charge of all aspects of the Club's computing activities, including the e-mail account, the Club's Mailing Lists, and the design and content of this website. Contact Nicolas if you have any suggestions about the website, if you have any photos to contribute, or if you're having trouble with the mailing lists.

Webmaster's Terms of Reference

The IT officer is in charge of liaising with the University and OUCS about all aspects of the Club's IT activities that are regulated by the University.

IT officer's Terms of Reference (Note: by default, the IT Officer is the Webmaster unless the committee designates another committee member).


Ex-Officio Ex-President

Christopher Thomas
Merton College
Physics, 4th year DPhil
E-mail: ex.officio_at_ouwc.org

Christopher was president in Michaelmas 2007 and acts as an extra member of the committee - passing on the experience that only a term of being President can bring.


Senior Member

Dr. Kevin Hilliard
St. Peter's College
Tutor in German
E-mail: senior_at_ouwc.org

Kevin is the Club's elected Senior Member.