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Once again there will be a local walk every Saturday and Sunday during term time from 1st week onwards. All walks either start in Oxford or use public transport to get to the starting point, so there is no need to book your place in advance - just turn up. Non-members are also free to turn up - bring friends along to meet other walking club members. All you have to do is turn up at the right time! Please bring sufficient money for the fare, plus extra money just in case - bus and train fares are likely to change without warning! Also, don't forget to bring a packed lunch if required, or money to buy lunch in some of Oxfordshire's finest public houses. It's also a good idea to bring some emergency chocolate rations - just try not to let them melt!

The club has a subsidy scheme whereby it refunds members up to £3.50 depending on the cost of the transport. The leader will organise the reimbursement. Please make sure you bring your termcard along to show the leader that you are a member of the club. Please note that the rail prices quoted depend on your owning a railcard. Because public transport is unreliable or the group may miss a connection, the return times given are estimates. Also, the fares quoted could change before the walk happens. The prices quoted should be maximums- there are several "group saver" deals, so bring along your friends & bring down the cost!

Meeting Points (always look for someone wearing boots!)

We are always looking for local walk leaders. If you are interested in leading a trip next term, please contact Dobrota, the Archivist (archivist@ouwc.org). We only require that you have been on a local walk in the past. You are free to plan your own route, but the club is also happy to plan one for you to lead.

Tom Jordan has produced a clickable map showing the locations and details of walks from the OUWC local walk database. This can be found here.

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