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New Forest

Peak Bagging in the New Forest

Saturday 11th February (start 5th week)

What peaks in the New Forest?! Well, come along for a ramble with Sam and Zing around these ancient hunting grounds to find out! (don't worry, they're all double-digit in height!)

Set aside 900 years ago as a jealously guarded 'royal playground', this woodland has been shaped and preserved by unique uses and traditions. Keepers, Agisters, Commoners and Verderers all play a part in this timeless landscape. Who are they and what do they do? Join us to see firsthand as we weave ways through the forest glades, hopefully populated by deer, ponies and cattle. We start and end at Lyndhurst and will hunt for a good dinner place to end a good day's tramp. Walk away those mid-term blues and get some fresh air!

Principal Trip Leader:Zing (Tse Lim), St Catherine's
Trip Co-leader:Sam Rice, Worcester

Photos taken on previous New Forest trips.